A Smile for a Friend

In the heart of every dawn, there is a golden seed,
Where the sun plants its warmth, with gentle, careful heed.
There is a story that spins, in the chapters of the wind,
But none as touching or as kind, as a smile for a friend.

A smile for a friend, a whisper of light,
In the midst of sorrow, a beacon in the night.
A song in the silence, a map when paths wend,
A harbor in the tempest, a smile for a friend.

It’s a wordless poem, a language divine,
A bridge over chasms, where lonely souls pine.
In the canvas of life, it's a colour to lend,
An art without brushes, a smile for a friend.

A smile for a friend, it's a sunflower's turn,
To the sky above, where the sun's kisses burn.
It's the bloom in the desert, the wounded heart's mend,
A thread of connection, a smile for a friend.

It asks for no reason, it seeks no reward,
In the simplest of gestures, love's wisdom is stored.
For in every journey, no matter its end,
We find the sweetest solace, in a smile for a friend.

So, here's to the magic, too precious to spend,
Here's to life's greatest treasure, a smile for a friend.
Let's paint the world kindly, let's make hearts ascend,
With the timeless and simple, a smile for a friend.

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